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Nine Bold Choices Exceptional Leaders Make

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No Excuses Leadership


A Guide to Educational Leadership at All Levels.

To say the road to becoming an exceptional leader is an adventure would be an understatement. The word “adventure” conveys a level of fluidness in your travels that, while filled with many ups and downs, still tends to lead to your destination with a high level of certainty. This might be very appropriate if you are seeking to become a leader, but to become an “exceptional leader” is something altogether very different. The road to becoming an exceptional leader is more like a journey. Average people don’t take journeys. Journeys are both led and participated in by exceptional leaders who are willing to make bold choices along the way. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, or parent, I have found a direct correlation between exceptional leaders and the choices they make. No Excuses Leadership guides you on a journey to make nine bold choices that have the potential to change the lives of your students, colleagues, and community, but only if you choose to live by them.

“No Excuses Leadership provides the conventional wisdom that many of us think about, but may not execute by design! Damen’s words reinforce my own belief that exceptional leaders need to take exceptional stands.” -Joe Miniscalco, Executive Director, Dallas ISD Leadership Development Academy

A TurnAround™ Schools Publication.

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