Product Description

Tina Schuler, author of Bridge Builder, has made her content available through this online professional development workshop. By purchasing Bridge Builder Online, you will receive the same content directly from Tina that you would get from a workshop or if she came to your site for a day of consulting. The added bonus to purchasing the online version is that you can access her materials ALL SCHOOL YEAR allowing you to view lesson plans on an as-needed basis. No more digging through old notes!
Without question, when kids return to school (however and whenever that is) after all of the chaos and uncertainty they have faced, many may present their fears, anxieties, and added troubles from home life through negative behavior in the classroom. Now more than ever, these students are going to need educators who can build an effective relationship with them when things get challenging. This online workshop will provide you with the tools to reach those students effectively.

Lesson 1: The Mirror and Professional Language
Lesson 2: Validation
Lesson 3: Tone
Lesson 4: Expectations
Lesson 5: Choices
Lesson 6: Supporting Students who are Angry
Lesson 7: Behavior Plans and Data Collection
Lesson 8: Effective Praise Part 1
Lesson 9: Effective Praise Part 2
Bonus Video – If We Can’t Make Them, We Coach Them

Bridge Builder ONLINE


Site Cost:  $3000
(includes site login to all online content for the 2021-22 school year, 10 FREE Bridge Builder books, plus a 30-45 live webinar with Tina. She will also be available all year via email to address questions or help teachers brainstorm solutions.)

Individual Cost: $300 (will include a certificate of completion for 8 hours of continuing ed. Access to Tina via email.) Use Promo Code-BB41

This workshop will cover, very specifically, what to say and do with students who are defiant, disrespectful, impulsive, unmotivated, and a disruption to class. Tina will address how to use effective praise which, in turn, will help your student’s self esteem and motivation. She will cover social-emotional learning and will teach how to properly write and implement a behavior plan along with best ways to collect behavior data. At the end of every lesson there will be a short bonus video with Tina giving final thoughts on that lesson’s content and suggestions for reflection, discussion, and implementation.

Login information will be emailed to you within one business day of payment (CC or copy of PO).