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Differentiated Parent Support


Resource CD Included! From the moment I became a counselor and stepped foot on the campus of my first school, my definition of parent involvement changed. As a parent myself, I assumed all parents were establishing routines, limiting TV, supporting homework, having conversations about school, and discussing goals and future careers after college. My idea of parent involvement was volunteering at school and working in the classroom.

Once I began working with students and families as an educator, I began to realize there are as many different parents as there are children. At one end of the spectrum are very capable and supportive parents, while at the other end there are some who are completely “checked-out.” Recognizing that involved, supportive parents help to increase student success at school, one of the first priorities I began to focus on was understanding, defining, and positively impacting parent involvement.

This book is about my journey, my ideas, and the strategies I developed to increase parent involvement in their children’s education. I hope you will enjoy reading, but more importantly that you will discover new and effective methods to work with diverse parents to support student success.

A TurnAround™ Schools Publication.

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