Product Description

Build a Culture of Universal Achievement as the foundation for the way your team collaborates, aligns standards, assesses, manages data, and intervenes with students to address their academic and social/emotional needs.
Create an endorsement containing their roadmap for implementing the Six Exceptional Systems that make schools successful.
Be coached by a number of NEU professionals from our most successful schools.
Learn from and listen to our authors who will offer strategies and ideas to put in place at your schools immediately.
Learn how to use the exclusive NEU Connect online platform to benefit from thousands of resources currently being used by those within our network.
Leave an official No Excuses University School!

Lesson 1: Intro to NEU Boot Camp
Lesson 2: It’s All About the How with Damen Lopez
Lesson 3: The Success Equation with Damen Lopez – NEU Founder
Lesson 4: Creating Culture for Kids with Fran Hjalmarson
Lesson 5: Culture Begins with Adults with Tina Schuler
Lesson 6: Collaboration with Fran Hjalmarson – NEU Author
Lesson 7: Standard Alignment with Tina Schuler – NEU Author
Lesson 8: Partners in Assessment with Laura D’Acquisto
Lesson 9: The NEU Endorsement with Deanne McLaughlin
Bonus Videos
Differentiated Parent Support with Fran Hjalmarson
Bridge Builder with Tina Schuler
Little Ways for Big Success with Laura D’Acquisto – NEU Associate
NEU 101 with Deanne McLaughlin – Principal, NEU @ Los Pen

NEU Virtual Boot Camp


Site Cost: $5995 – includes site login to all online content for the 2022-23 school.  Login available until June 30, 2023

For over 15 years, No Excuses University has been showing schools how to build Six Exceptional Systems as a means to generating extraordinary results for students at every level. In the past, thousands of schools have attended our institutes and began developing these systems at the conclusion of our events. After months, and sometimes years of work, hundreds have gone on to apply online to become official schools and continue to benefit from the resources shared by others within our network from across the country. The NEU Virtual Boot Camp offers a unique experience, during these challenging times, for schools who have yet to develop their systems, but wish to join our network of schools. This virtual option allows a school access to material for the entire school year and a direct path to membership in the NEU Network!

Login information will be emailed to you within one business day of payment (CC or copy of PO) as well as 10 copies and No Excuses University by Damen Lopez.